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FSAE Michigan May 29th Overall

The PM-23 is one of our most ambitious designs to date. With newly designed side pods, an optimized undertray, improved pedal geometry, and modified rear suspension kinematics and chassis geometry, the PM-23 looked very promising going into competition. These improvements saw the car easily make it into design finals. While a mechanical failure during the endurance event caused us to DNF, we scored very well in many other categories. 4th in Acceleration, 7th in Design, 12th in Autocross and 13th in Skidpad.



FSAE Michigan May 9th Overall

FSAE Michigan June 6th Overall

PM-22 was designed with the goal of improving on the already impressive performance of WM-21 while also integrating an engine swap to the Kawasaki ZX-6R 636. This car was also the first to feature 4-element DRS, side wings, and the Drexler limited slip differential.

2021-2022 EV


FSAE Michigan June 28th Overall

Competing for the first time, we're proud to announce WM-22E. This EV passed mechanical and accumulator technical inspection. With a chain driven inboard rear motor drivetrain and a custom battery pack, the first competition for this car is a solid foundation for the future.



FSAE Nevada 2nd Overall

FSAE Michigan 4th Overall

Some details about WM-21 include a change to 16 in. tires and OZ Magnesium wheels, shim-adjustable suspension, 4-2-1 exhaust system with a 2 in. secondary, and a 3 element rear wing with DRS. All improvements led to a top 5 finish in both competitions.



FSAE Lincoln 6th Overall

FSAE Michigan 50th Overall

WM-19 was an evolution of the WM-18 car, but with a focus on reliability and weight-reduction. Big changes include the shift to a single radiator, MoTeC L180 integration, rear wing DRS, and a custom steering wheel with a screen, integrated shift lights, and driver controls. Its reliability oriented design led it to a top 10 finish at Lincoln.



FSAE Lincoln 27th Overall

FSAE Michigan 67th Overall

WM-18 had many major design changes that led to performance gains in all areas. Notably, it had a
new center fed intake s
ystem that reduced weight and increased power significantly. In Lincoln, this car achieved 2nd place in Acceleration.



FSAE Lincoln 11th Overall

FSAE Michigan 56th Overall

The WM-17 car produced approximately 80 hp and 40 ft-lbs of torque while weighing 452 lbs. This led to an 11th place overall result in FSAE Lincoln.



FSAE Michigan 48th Overall



FSAE Michigan 67th Overall



FSAE Michigan 67th Overall

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